lina and gems halloweeen

Halloween Fancy Dress-The Do’s and the Don’ts

Don’t be spooked by dressing up ideas, The Tab is here to help!

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Legless student arrested for assault outside Ocean

7 legged reveller causes a commotion at Ocean

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We know what you wore last Crisis: Spotted and photobooth Halloween special

Where were you last night? If you don’t remember maybe this will jog your memory

QMC creepy

We visited the scariest places in Notts and nearly peed ourselves at Ye Olde Salutation Inn

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Emma and her flatmates before the paranormal activity started

Meet the Broadgate Park Fresher who was haunted by a ghost crying for ‘help’

“I realised ‘SUFFER’ was written on the condensation on my window”

cover copy

A comic love story

The Tab’s iconic shoot twists up Halloween.

a little more imagination... please

What a Girl Wants: Halloween Edition

On the scariest night of the year here’s an exclusive into the minds of Nottingham’s ladies.

fiddler 4

Playing second fiddle: Another student returns to find a man masturbating over her

Second year finished seven legged to find man using his third


‘I thought a plane crashed into my house’: Nottingham rocked by earthquake

Cue fart jokes

Strike featured image

No homework: Lecturers strike next week

What the hell is a pig in a poke?

chris psycho

Psycho’s Poker Party

The Tab went down to Mooch to meet the man behind the nickname


Gastronaut burger – The Chosen Bun

UoN graduates send burger into orbit

austin fb

‘I thought my room was normal’: Meet the fresher whose room was blighted by a biblical plague

No one expects to behead over a dozen wasps in their first year

Humbug bar demi 600x388

Notts strip club Flirtz with feminists

Feminists fail in attempt to close local titty tavern


Confessions of a chundergraduate

Confessions of Nottingham students most sickening stories


UoN vs NTU: Bus varsity

Bish, bash, bus. Student bus race off. Nuff said.