Notts in GIFs: Fireworks Special

Remember, remember the gifs of November

Fireworks night is here. Get excited.

even more excited kids

It’s going to be bright.


It’s going to blow your mind.


But it’s going to be loud.

quiet down

And it could be absolutely terrifying.


Especially if you’re a dog.

scared dog

And it’s probably going to be really, really cold.


And you may get your feet muddy (yeah, it’s a tenuous link, but we simply had to get this GIF in. Just look at it.)

dog waiting

But there will be some great food.


And you’re going to have a great time.


Even if it is in Radford…

  • Henri Tay

    These statistics are an absolute sausage, I get with enough guys at Durham to bring it up to 20%, minimum. Henri Tay out.

  • Henry Madell

    I, Henry Madell, have sex all the time with beautiful Scottish girlfriend, both orally and vaginally. She particularly enjoys the latter and I, Henry Madell, often find myself staring in amazement and wonder at the length and girth of my phallus. Ask anyone who did the University Fashion show.

  • I’ll Jaffa your Cake

    I would fucking hope so, I fucking hate gay people

    • K

      Not sure if troll or someone who shouldn’t exist

  • Hmm

    The Tab does realise that identifying as LGBT and being gay aren’t synonymous, right?